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captioned by the national captioning institute it is a whole new ball game at the white house. stung by the loss of a senate seat, the obama administration is going all out to prevent a disaster in the crucial midterm elections, and that means bringing in the same team that helped him win the white house more than one year ago. >> we have to deliver. >> barack obama's former campaign manager has been brought back into the fold, this time to stave off major losses in november's midterm election. >> it is a recognition that things need to go better in november than they did last tuesday.
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>> the white house is tightening operations of fallen republican scott brown's stunning upset victory in massachusetts. >> this president is never going to stop fighting to create jobs and raise income. >> helpern may not be forthcoming. >> we are not going to have bipartisanship as long as democrats are going towards more spending and debt -- help may not be forthcoming. >> bickering as usual? the first test will be the confirmation of federal reserve chairman ben bernanke for a second time, expected at the end of the week. >> he will have bipartisan support in the senate, and i suspect he will be confirmed. >> the president will give his state of the union address on wednesday. he will be trying to garner support before the midterm election in november. and the president will speak
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wednesday night at 9:00 before a joint session of congress. you can watch the state of the union right here on abc7. and republican party has chosen virginia's new governor to deliver the republican response to obama's stay of the union. governor bob mcdonnell will deliver it after the speech. and joining us is a white house reporter. thank you so much for joining us. i want to start with health care and a republican win in massachusetts, which put everything in a tailspin -- and the republican win in massachusetts. >> what you're seeing right now is people like house speaker nancy pelosi and some other democrats who want to get a version of the bill out there right now. others want to get something more scaled down.
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taking the temperature, trying to figure out what the best path forward is -- the only way they're going to come on board -- >> how watered down do you think it would be if they pass something? >> -- if they passed something? >> it would be a much more scaled-back version. >> of course, the state of the union wednesday night. how big of an issue do you think health care will be? are we looking at afghanistan? >> it would be strange for the president not to mention health care, given the focus that has been on it, but he will be talking about the economy, reducing the deficit. he will probably mention the bipartisan commission that he wants to bring down the deficit, but mostly, the economy and some
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of the jobs programs. >> and then bob mcdonnell, the new virginia governor, was chosen to give the republican response. >> he is a pragmatic conservative and a good communicator who ran on a smaller government. it will be a good message for them. he won virginia, a state that president obama won in november. >> a lot of virginians will be watching, of lot of republicans watching. thank you for joining us. -- a lot of republicans watching. governor martin o'malley's address has been rescheduled for february 4 instead of this wednesday. maryland is grappling with their budget deficit. so far, governor o'malley has
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not said what his plans are for job cuts, he just that they are likely. he said the tuition freeze for maryland universities is likely to end. passengers will get a chance to voice their opinions on a proposal. the transit agency is considering a fare increase of up to 10 cents per trip. a public hearing is set for metro headquarters in northwest washingto now, to the very latest on the deadly earthquake in haiti. the haitian government says at least 150,000 people have been killed, and we are learning more abut yesterday's miraculous rescue. a manis in good shape after spending 11 days in the cramped space, living off of coca-cola and the attendant chips. -- and potato chips. >> we just managed to jump in
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there. > and today, haitians flocked to church services to give thanks. well, terror hearings continue on capitol hill this week as congress looks for answers to the failed christmas day bombing attack. they say the suspecthould of been treated like a terrorist, not a criminal, which would have meant no civil courts. new york senator chuck schumer put blame on the state department for not revoking his visa after getting a warning from his pocket. the hearings continue this week on tuesday and wednesday -- after getting a warning from his father. the census bureau director will fly by chartered plane to a remote village on monday. it is not linked by roads to any other town.
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the first person to be counted will be a world war two veteran. all in person interviews will be done. there'll be a questionnaire in the mail by march 15. george washington university students are turning a challenge into something good. coming up, we will tell you what they get if they make their goal. saying good-bye to the beloved panda. indeed belfort furniture weather center, we are watching a lot of rain moving into the area -- in the belfort furniture weather center.
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taking a look ahead, starting tomorrow, construction on rock creek parkway will require a temple remain closure. part will be closed for about 500 feet -- will require a temporary plainclothesman -- lane closure. you can check out the washington auto show. the president and ceo of the ford motor company will open the show. it is open to the public starting wednesday at the washington convention center. a good by party is set this
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week for the giant panda tai shan. and his farewell party will be held on saturday. experts will be on hand to answer questions. it is not clear exactly which day tai shan will leave. metro is trying to make easier for you to pay. there is a system that will allow t turnstiles to accept credit or debit cards. right now, passengers have to buy cards. it is expected to be in place in the next 18 months. a look at what the washington teams have going on. the caps will be with the islanders. frida, the panthers are in town. the verizon center has a game on tuesday. the new york knicks will be on saturday. and the washington nationals
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will be out and bought this week. january 27 -- will be out and about this week. january 27, there will be an autograph signing and a meet and greet. january 31 will be another event. to find out where your favorite player will be, go to our website, a look at tonight's top stories. also, rain overnight. what could this mean for your morning commute? what could this mean for your morning commute?
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taking a look at tonight's top stories, the haitian government says now at least 150,000 earthquake victims have been buried, but that number does not include those buried in mass graves, or carried out by relatives. there was another aftershock in haiti today. doctors and nurses on board the u.s.s. comfort are scrambling to save the lives of hundreds from the quake. it is staffed with 900 doctors, many from the bethesda medical center. they have 1000 rems and four operating rooms. -- they have 1000 rooms.
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some are hoping that their homes will escape the type of flood they had in the past. dvr, january 24, entering be 25, and we have a flash flood watch -- here we are, january 24, entering the 25. so far, and that half an inch already it. it is 50 in emmitsburg with over four tenths of an inch. mclean, va., a current temperature of 54, on the way to well over one quarter of an inch and later on tonight. if you are looking out your window, arlington, alexandria, fairfax, and montgomery county -- the rain is over. towards the north and east,
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knoll. flash flood warnings in effect for harrisonburg and other areas until 2:00 in the morning -- towards the north and east, no. a lot of moisture off to the west of us. this is coming from south, the gulf of mexico, and that is why temperatures have increased so much over the last couple of hours, up 13 degrees at dulles airport. hagerstown, higher elevations -- our satellite and radar shows all of this move in lock. -- all of this moving off. two or 3 inches of rain. behind it is, high pressure will build. and then, cooler, drier conditions for the upcoming week -- behind this, high pressure will build. the entire channel seven viewing
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area, until the morning hours of tomorrow, watches. cooler air from the north and west. rain totals of around two to 3 inches. some areas will get a little bit more than that. tomorrow morning at 5:00, we will get you updated. 48 to 60 degrees tomorrow, and that is a wide range. 60 downtown. tomorrow morning, our temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. the wind will change direction. we will fall into the 50's, then the 40's. here is the extended outlook. we have a cool-down on the way. tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in the 40's.
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some snowflakes possible thursday night. nighttime lows to the north and west in the upper teens. downtown in the upper 20's. >> a lot of changes before we get there. are you tired? are you ok? >> a lot going on out there. >> yoare right. we have rain. we have son. some snow flakes out there. >> -- we have sun. george washington university students helping the community. george washington university students helping the community.
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well, first lady michelle obama gave george washington university students a challenge, getting them to perform a certain amount of community service and then she would be their graduation speaker. >> from plastron windows in peru to building a house in new orleans -- from plastering windows in peru, these george washington university students are finding lessons outside the classroom. for example, a team of students working on a habitat for humanity project in new orleans
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learned that much work remains as the city recovers from hurricane katrina. >> it literally had ot been touched for 4.5 years. >> during their winter break, students branched out to various volunteer sites, including atlanta, galveston, and guatemala. they documented their work. now back on campus, they got a warm reception from the people they help, including refugees they moved into new apartments in nashville. >> putting a face to the cause. >> , for many of the students, volunteerism was already a part of the student -- >> for many of the students, volunteerism was already part of the lights. >> i know a lot of seniors that started doing this -- already a part of tir lives.
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>> these students say they will have no problem meeting the challenge. >> we will definitely make that. i have no doubt about it. 10 hours, you can do that in a day. abc7 news. >> their efforts on martin luther king jr. day earned 1500 more, and now, they just have 40,000 to go by the deadline. more, and now, they just have 40,000 to go by the deadline. coming up,
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's so hard to choose one. you know, during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, tiguan or fuel efficient jetta for practically just your signature. you can get scheduled maintenance at no cost. there's got to be more to it than that...
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i'll never doubt you again.
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well, groundhog day is not until next tuesday. but there was the groundhog day festival in pennsylvania. the highlight of the festival, that is when the groundhog comes out to sea or not seen his shadow. last year, he did not, which meant six more weeks of winter. this has been going on since 1887. thank goodness temperatures are not cold enough to make snow. take a look at our extended outlook. temperatures tomorrow will be very mild for this time of year. some may see 60 degrees. snow showers in the forecast for thursday and friday. snow showers in the forecast for thursday and friday.
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